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Our Services

Legal Services

We advise our Clients on all legal issues related to running their gambling activities, in particular, we provide a comprehensive support for pre and post licensing processes. The scope of services offered to our Clients includes, in particular, consultancy in the field of:
  • regulatory requirements for licenses for the organization of gambling games
  • preparation of license applications and comprehensive handling of the procedures
  • representation in the proceedings before administrative authorities (including licensing procedures) as well as during court proceedings
  • new regulations in online gambling
  • regulations regarding advertising, promotion and sponsorship conducted by gambling operators
  • GDPR- development of the personal data protection documentation in a manner
    applicable to the gambling industry
  • AML- developing procedures for prevention of money laundering and terrorist
    financing in accordance with Polish legislation
  • online payments
  • evaluation of the lawfulness of all types of games, including casino and lottery games, bets for sports competition and horse racing


Gaming In Poland is the only professional entity providing a unique service of performing a function of a Representative in Poland. The Polish Gambling Act (Article 7a) requires an offshore operator to appoint such a Representative. As part of the Representative's service, we ensure the fulfillment of obligations in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Gambling Act, particularly in terms of:
  • keeping tax records and performing all of the reporting obligations required by authorities
  • communication with Polish sports associations and negotiating the terms of consent for the publication of sports competition results
  • certification of winnings and keeping records of winnings
  • storing all relevant documentation within the territory of the Republic of Poland as required by the provisions of the Gambling Act

Tax Consulting

Our tax consultants provide a comprehensive support in the scope of obligations imposed on gambling entities operating in Poland and satisfying all tax and reporting obligations in compliance with relevant legal requirements, including:
  • gambling tax
  • operator’s obligations regarding the tax on winnings imposed on players
  • keeping tax records
  • keeping records of winnings
  • making tax returns (monthly, quarterly and annually).

In addition, our experts participate in all audits carried out by tax and customs authorities and the Ministry of Finance.

IT Support

The licensing procedure requires the applicant to provide both technical information and meet the hardware requirements set out in the Gambling Act and applicable Regulations. Gaming In Poland provides a synergy of knowledge in the field of legal and IT necessary to prepare all required technical documentation. In particular, our IT experts provide assistance in the following areas:
  • physical, logical and functional scheme of the system for organizing gambling games
  • location of system components on the territory of the European Union
  • information flow between system components
  • equipment used (servers, disk arrays, security devices, monitoring devices, etc.)
  • software used (operating systems, databases, application servers, CMS, etc.)
  • programming technologies used (Java, PHP, C/C++, etc.)
  • network and software security solutions (firewall, IPS, VPN, SSL, etc.)
  • backup, data archiving and disaster recovery mechanisms
  • real-time archiving mechanisms (the means of copies and access implementation, etc.)
  • physical security mechanisms (alarms, server room access control, fire protection systems, etc.)
  • mechanisms ensuring operation continuity (RAID arrays, air conditioning, UPS, power generators, etc.)


Gaming In Poland provides comprehensive services for the organization of promotional lotteries providing:
  • legal care and tax advice;
  • obtaining permits and bank guarantees;
  • development of regulations;
  • conducting lotteries, and full documentation for tax and customs offices.

In addition, we offer support in the selection of partners for the promotional action, including web developers, suppliers of the necessary tools and technology (coupons, ballot boxes, transmission of the drawing "live")